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:party::party::party:MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! :party::party::party:

Despite all the trials and tragedies that befell our poor li'l nation, we find solace and get back on our feet. Cherish what we got and enjoy every fleeting moment. Believe me when I say that sometimes, it's the little things that matter-be it a hug, a gesture, a cuddle, a phone call, or even a message online. =)

Look forward to the New Year, it's the year of the Dragon folks!:wave:

Well, I'm back from the (almost)dead, Is still anybody out there? >___>

Aaaaanyway life kinda caught up with me, and lots of work, which unfortunately I can't post on dA so I've got nothing new to post. =( Except may be for the rest of Prodigal Son's Vol 2 pages.
(which I reeeeally got to continue uploading soon >< )

What I can tell you is that I'm currently working on sports related stuff. Which I find ironic because here I am- a guy who has never even touched a skateboard during his entire existence, who doesn't know how to ride a bike(THERE I SAID IT! T____T), who doesn't know how to swim, a total class A nerd- is drawing people on bikes and boards. :lmao:

In other, more cheerful news, I AM NOW AN UNCLE! =D=D=D

Welcome to Earth, Baby Feyeko! :heart: My dear beloved sis' own bundle of joy. She'll be a month old on the 30th, and in a few years she'll get to know her weird slacker uncle who'll probably won't teach her how to ride a bike.


Oh and speaking of babies and birthdays...
*~*~*~*~*~:party: Happy Birthday to :iconwarse-no-miko: :party:~*~*~*~*~*

The love and joy of my life, whose birthday art is in progress which sadly I also cannot post on dA ;P She'll have to do with *Oprah mode on* A BRAND NEW NINTENDO DSi XL!
:glomp::glomp::glomp::kiss::kiss::kiss:I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Aaaand in other news, I'll be at the biggest cosplay event in the Philippines- COSPLAY MANIA 2011! Me and :iconrubendevela: designed the poster for the this year's Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH II) =D
teaser 1 -…
teaser 2 -…
teaser 3 -…
official poster -…
Will have more updates as October approaches=D

I'll also  be taking part in something special in this year's 7th
Annual Filipino Komiks Convention
or Komikon 2011. It'll be the first ever KomiKALYE or Artist's Alley. I'll be joining other great Pinoy artists in sketching and drawing for y'all, so watch out for that in November!

Guess that's it for now, thank you soooo much to everyone who still watches ths page. I LOVE YA'LL! :worship:
E-lo guys, just wanted to thank everyone who greeted me a happy birthday last week:wave: and thanks for not reminding me of my biological age:lmao: I had the most wonderful birthday this year, spent coincidentally during my HS reunion in a posh KTV bar in Makati, playing party games and pwa tiong chu(chinese dice), raffles and bring me's, a magic and illusion show by my HS bud Michael,  and singing All That You Can't Leave Behind with Warse-no-Miko.  I lo:heart:e ya so much! :hug::hug::hug:

And looky looky what she and my sis gave me~~~!

Bandai's new Real Grade 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam and my first ever Master Grade MS-OSR-2 Zaku II Ver. 2.0! And to think my sis has no knowledge about these things and yet she manages to grab me probably one of the best Ver 2.0 MG kits in the market. :happycry::happycry::happycry:

So far I've managed to finish the RG Mobile Suit itself- the detail, the colors, the posability of this 1/144 is incredible. He's also incredibly lazy, picking his non-existent nose while waiting for me to finish building his weapons (he dares call me a slacker!><)

Well looks like I'm all set till next year! :XD:

Speaking of next year, the new book I'm working on with Alex Ross will be out soon. Bring the Thunder is my second collaboration with Alex since Battle of the Planets back in 2001.=D It's great to be back working with him, the new style is drastically different, but I think it goes well with the cinematic movie-like style of the story.

Read Newsarama's recent interview with Alex Ross on Bring the Thunder here!
And enjoy these preview pages

Thanks again for all the support folks! :worship::worship::worship:
Oh man, what a month, and we're just halfway through October!:omg:

So I'm going to make up for lost time by posting something longer(literally!) First off, a quick congratulations to my newlywed sister Lizel and her newly minted husband Francis.  I wish you both all the best and all my love :happycry:

Remember dude, a happy wife is a happy marriage!:lol:

:iconwarse-no-miko: and :iconbatangbatugan: join the shenanigans :crazy:

Apparently, Hitler was in the party too! :lmao:

Thanks to for the fun photobooth=D

OK, Now we move on to the things that went down during Cosplay Mania X! :headbang:

miragecld:iconclivelee: 00 Gundam  and eva-guy01:iconeva-guy01: MS-05L Zaku - Sniper Custom finally met face to face, or rather, face to eye:lmao:
Read about Clive Lee's account and thoughts on CMX in his dA journal here.

There were even more awesome cosplayers this year! Check out all my pics here.




Thanks for your patience everyone! :worship::worship::worship:

Celebrating 10 years of cosplay subculture in the Philippines!

This year's celebration will be graced by our guests from the Singapore cosplay community!

2009 Anime Festival Asia (AFA09) champion Clive Lee aka mirage_cld. I wonder which Gundam will he be cosplaying for the first time in the Philippines? =D

One of Singapore's well-known crossdresser, :iconjesuke: she'll be coming back to Manila to join in the fun!

As with last year's event, this year will also be chock-full of activities and events including:
-Cosplay Checkmate
-Free Gaming Lounge with 3D TV for that 3D gaming experience
-Gaming Tournaments
-Gunpla model kit making contests
-Toy exhibit with ultra-Rare Nendroids and toys on display
-Free drinks from Slurpee
-Cosplay Photoshoot Gallery
-Fuji Film on-site photo studio
-Cosplay Workshops with our international guest speakers
-and the first nation-wide Cosplay Team Finals!

I'll be there as one of the judges for this year's CBC- Costume Building Challenge. I'm also looking forward to the cosplay chess rumble- it's just a bummer that I don't have a costume prepared to join in. ^^; BUT THAT WON'T STOP ME FROM HAVING FUN! :mwahaha:

Visit and the Cosplay mania official website for all the events info and details.

August 21 - 22 (Saturday & Sunday)
SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2  Bldg. B
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday Events:
- Game Developer’s Association Panel

Get an in-depth scoop on the Video Gaming industry in the Philippines, and find out more about how involved Pinoy Talents are in the development and production of your favorite games!
– Kartunista Panel
featuring HAZEL MANZANO (Callwork), LYNDON GREGORIO (Beerkada), FREELY ABRIGO (Kulas), ANDREW VILLAR (Ambush) and MANIX ABRERA (Kiko Machine)
- Marvel Panel
comic-book enthusiast RJ LEDESMA interviews Fan-Favorite Pinoy Marvel Artists on stage!
– Veterans Panel
World –renowned Komikero, Gerry Alanguilan, helps us gather facts about the rise and fall of local komiks industry through the eyes of the people who had seen every moment of komiks happen:  our legendary veteran komiks artists! Don’t miss this segment and learn about the possible future of komiks!
- Lifetime Achievement Awarding Ceremonies
Witness history unfold as Metro Comic-Con exalts 3 of the Philippine Komiks Industry’s unto the Hall of Fame, with the first MCC Lifetime Achievement Awards!

Sunday Events:

Witness how the World’s Greatest Super-hero faced his Doomsday!
– Creativoices Feature
Meet the talented people that give voices to your well-loved Asianovelas and Anime shows! Join them on stage as they showcase their talents and throw in very familiar voices!
– Cosplay Competition
Who would you wanna be for a day? Dress up and join the Cosplay Competition made possible by!
- Awarding of Contest Winners
The best of the best from each of our cool contests get rewarded for their awesomeness!
For more info on program and activity details, visit the official site here!

I'll be there on Saturday as one of the guest artists in the Artist's booth where we'll be doing sketches and signings=D  I might also drop by on Sunday to check out the cosplay competition;P So if you think I owe you money or a sketch come on by!:lmao:

See ya folks!:wave:
Thanks so much to :iconall-these-kiwis: and :iconfantasystock:
How To Exaggerate by batangbatugan
How To Exaggerate  has just been featured as today's Daily Deviation!=D=D=D

Seeing that it's my most viewed and most commented piece(despite the stupid typo*GASP!*), I guess a LOT of people do love to exaggerate!:lmao:

Thanks so much to everyone for everything, all the comments, suggestions, and even your questions!:love: I'll try my best to keep on sharing my art and a bit of my knowledge cause it's fun to help=)

I have found that the easiest way you can help people is by sharing even just a bit of what you know, because even that tiny bit can change the way people think and see the world!

Thanks again everyone!:worship:
Well since the news is already out, I feel that I should break it to y'all as well. Wolverine: Prodigal Son has been cancelled.
Sadly, X-Men: Misfits by :iconanzu-manga: shared the same fate as well.  =(
Yep, you heard it right folks, Newsarama and Antony Johnston have confirmed it.

I wonder what Logan feels about the whole thing...

Glad you're taking it well, Logan. =)

Oh well, it's sad but that's the nature of the business. Books that don't sell, get cancelled. No matter how good the art and writing is, or how big the bust size of the character on the cover. Logan doesn't have breasts so he was on a handicap in the first place: (o) (o)

And It's happened to me before, I drew six issues of Battle of the Planets: Princess but only 4 got to print. So it's nothing new. I just feel sorry for the people who actually bought and liked the book, just 30 more pages to go and we would have finished it. Now they'd never get to see how Logan decapitated Ugly Mystery Mutant #1, or how Tamara got a good look at Hot Mutant Chick #3 before slugging it out in Times Square, or how Lady Silence fought Logan in the shower room wearing only her knives (ohkay that last one I TOTALLY made up:XD: )

Well, it's time to move on, I'll probably start working on a new book next week, but as a treat and a thank you for all you wonderful people, I'll be posting some choice pages from Volume 2 in my gallery. =D


So thank you, thank you, and thank you again to eeeveryone for all your support. :worship: See y'all very soon!

Oh and before I forget, here are  my pics from the recent Philippine Cosplay Convention and Summer Komikon!  Better late than never! :XD:

:iconglasshousegraphics: thanks everyone for participating and making the seminar a success!=D We had a blast at the venue we dubbed as "Camp Big Falcon" :XD: kudos to Maryel and the people of Konsepto Events for a job well done. A lot of the guys were first time speakers so thanks for being very accommodating folks:worship: We thank you all for being really interested in David and the other artist's topics, we really appreciate it! So we'll see y'all next year! :wave::wave::wave:
January 23 UPDATE! We are extending the submission deadline until noon on Tuesday, January 26th, so that those artists who forgot to label their entries properly, have a chance to resubmit.

Important note:</b> If you are submitting samples for the FREE ticket to our Creating Comics Seminar and have NOT heard a response, it is probably because you forgot to identify yourself on each of the files you send for consideration.

:bulletred: Please don't forget to label the files with your name, for example- "TortosaSample1of8.jpg" is far easier to identify the artist than "artsample1.jpg"
:bulletred: Also do not forget to put "MANILA SEMINAR" on the subject field in your email.  

LATEST UPDATE! To win your free tickets, y'all no longer need to submit 8 pages in your portfolio, just any number of panel to panel page artworks and covers will do. So get going!=D

Tickets are Php 1,000 for 2 days (Includes free food and drinks) Click here to avail and reserve your tickets. =D

And you heard it right folks, the first 25 artists can get free tickets simply by sending us jpegs of your portfolio. So you better get started on those samples soon=D For more details, check out the poster and visit the official GHG seminar website here.

Here are some tips that might help you get started:

:bulletred:Have an idea of what the best sale-able illustration styles look like right now, just drop by your local comic shop and check out their top selling comics and manga titles.
:bulletred:Visual storytelling is also important, the reason why we require sequential art is to see how good you storytelling chops are.
:bulletred:A good breakdown for your portfolio would be a couple of panel-to-panel pages and a few covers.
:bulletred:Use recognizable and familiar characters, editors might not be familiar with your original characters .
:bulletred:You can have one set of pages as an action sequence to show you can do fight scenes, while another can show characters talking and interacting with each other to show you can do facial expressions, gestures and body language.
:bulletred:Do several layouts for the pages first so you can keep revising them until you're satisfied before you actually start drawing, this is to avoid having to keep redrawing when you find mistakes.

Hope that helps! Have fun!:wave:
AME no Jidai: Final Poster by UP-AME
For its ninth year anniversary celebration, the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts leaps through boundaries as it turns the pages of time back to the age of feudal Japan! Get ready for a historical event as your favorite collegiate anime organization presents yet another timeless anime fair!

AME no Jidai
Making History

NOVEMBER 28, 2009
A-Venue Hall, Makati
1:00 - 10:00 PM

YaY! More events! I've just been drafted to judge the cosplay competition so I'll see y'all there!:XD: This time we'll be hanging around the :icondameat: booth. To find out more details such as the schedule of events and how to get to the new  venue, visit the official AME site here.  I may be bringing in some stuff to sell to help out a friend so please visit us at the daMeat booth pretty please? ^__^

See ya'll on Saturday!:wave::wave::wave:
28 M3con09 Official Poster by mangaholix
November 21-22, 2009
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
World Trade Center East Pavilion

:iconglasshousegraphics: will be having a booth there so please drop by and check it out! Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules I won't be able to drop by tomorrow. >_> I'll try to drop by on Sunday, tho. ^^;
:iconbehindinfinity: will be part of the judging panel for COSPLAY COLLISION: RINGSIDE  Visit her page for more details!
For the list of activities and more info, visit the Mangaholix page here.

Wait, what? December already? well then it's that time again for the...

:party:daMEAT CHRISTMAS PARTY!:party:
December 12, 2009
kindly hosted this year by :iconramlee:

It's our way of saying "Thank You" to all you guys who've made DAMEAT what it is today  We'll be having games and activities, bonding time, getting to know fellow deviants better, and food for the attendees, not to mention some freebies.  Details to follow VERY SOON! =D

That's it for now, Later y'all!:wave:

Tickets are P80.00(free entrance for kids 4 feet below)
Welcome back folks! :iconglasshousegraphics: will be having a booth this Sunday, we'll be selling merchandise including T-shirts and artboards and will also hold portfolio reviews=D
We'd also like to invite y'all to Auction For A Cause. :icontagasanpablo: arranged this activity to help our fellow artists who lost a lot to typhoon Ondoy  including Melvin Calingo aka Taga-ilog, Carlo Vergara, Gilbert Monsanto, Jay David Ramos , Rico Rival, Danny Acuña, Jun Lofamia, Clem Rivera, Noly Zamora and Steve Gan.

Gerry will be auctioning original artworks at the KOMIKON 2009. All proceeds shall be distributed to the artists affected by Ondoy. As my part to help out in this endeavor, I will also contribute comic book pages including some from Battle of the Planets. Here are some of the artworks up for auction =)
Decepticons - Tortosa by glasshousegraphicsTransformers sample page by glasshousegraphics

Remember, all proceeds will go to our fellow artists in need. I hope many of you will help support this activity! :worship: !'ll be there in the morning, see y'all on Sunday!

And here is the Program Schedule
10:00 AM  Start program: Audio / Video play
10:00 AM  Start of registration for on the spot comic strip making contest
11:00 AM  Sponsor Time: CSB
12:00 PM   Audio / Video play
12:30 PM   Band: Bandang Shirley
1:00 PM     Sponsor Time: Glasshouse Graphics

1:30 PM  Start of the on the spot comic strip making contest
1:30 PM Awarding: Komiks Character of the Year
Awarding: Best Comic Scene, Best Webcomic, Grassroot Award
*Auction for a cause

2:00 PM Sponsor Time: Vibal Foundation (book launch)
2:30 PM Guest Q&A: Dencoy Miel & Edd Aragon
3:00 PM Band: Giniling Festival
3:30 PM Guest Q&A: John Lent
4:00 PM Sponsor Time: FHM / Summit Media
4:30 PM PICCA Announcements of contest winners
5:30 PM Awarding: Comics Aid Award
Awarding: Best Cover, Best Cartoonist, Comic Creator/s
*Auction for a cause

6:00 PM Guest Q&A: Budjette Tan & Kajo
6:30 PM Sponsor Time:Jack TV
7:00 PM Announcement of KOMIKON contest winners
*Auction for a cause
Awarding: Best Comic Strip Compilation, Best Comic Magazine, Best Comic Series, Best Graphic Novel/ Anthology
8:00 PM Band: Flush and the Toilettes
8:30 PM Audio / Video play

BIGGER and BETTER indeed!=D

Sorry for the late update folks, had to dive back to work(sorta) but hey, better late than never;P  Just a quick post and thanks to everyone who attended, especially to all the teams who participated in this year's CBC=D All hail the Chocolate Pirate! ARR! and congrats to everyone who won:clap: (dammit next year sasali na akoooo)

Oh, and check out my pics with crazy captions! :XD:


COSPLAY MANIA is coming this Sunday, September 13 and one of their featured activities is the CBC or Costume Building Contest.  Last year we had contestants build costumes with a plan and fight each other to see who would be the last one standing. 

This year its different.  :mwahaha:

:bulletred:There will be no required plans.  You can make up your own design on the spot!

:bulletred:Instead of rubber sheets, STYROFOAM is now the main material.

:bulletred:Instead of fighting each other, you will instead try to survive an OBSTACLE COURSE!

:bulletred:The more materials you creatively use up, the more impressed the judges will be.  The less leftover materials the better!

:bulletred:Even leaving a mess will deduct scores, that's why each group will be provided their own broom, dust pan and a box to put in the trash.  Cleanliness is the best policy!

These are just the few new things for CBC.  But all in all we made this as new as we can give you.=D

So with no further delay, here are the illustrated CBC Declassified: Tips and Tricks!  If you and your friends are interested in joining, just go to and go to the CBC section, read the rules, register online and then download the waiver forms, and then you are done!  Good luck and hope to see you guys at Cosplay Mania '09!

I'll be one of the judges again by the way;P

I was interviewed on the phone recently by Tom Baker of The Daily Yomiuri, the largest English newspaper in Japan about my work on Wolverine: Prodigal Son=D I was surprised they also interviewed Chris Claremont! Check out the article here!

"Snikt! Wolverine gets his claws into Japan"
Tom Baker / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

With the anime to be released soon by Madhouse, I'm just thrilled to know that there's also interest in the book in Japan as well. :XD:
(Does that officially stamp me as a weaboo now?:lmao: )

Forgive me, I know it's really not that big of a deal but I just can't help but feel giddy^^ I've been interviewed and featured in the newspapers a couple of times before, but this is the first time I've been lucky enough to be featured in a foreign paper. And in Japan, of all places. They will send me hard copies of the newspaper, I'm looking forward to that, too. =D

Times like these I really want to thank everyone again for supporting me and my work, It's thanks to y'all that I love my job! :heart:

And on to more exciting news!

It's back! FilCosplay,'s official forum will once again have its yearly Forum Banner Contest, where contestants will get the chance to have their artwork part of the forum design for a year and the top 3 winners will once again be awarded onstage during Cosplay Mania '09.

Winners will receive prizes courtesy of LYNDON GREGORIO of BEERKADA. Lyndon himself will award the top three winners of the contest on Cosplay Mania '09!

This contest is open for members only.

Join the forum's online art contest featuring the mascots Phil, Cozee and DotPeach. In the spirit of cosplay, you can design your own version of the mascots! Examples can be found at galleries featuring last years contestants! Click here!

Prizes iclude:
First Place winner:
- Cosplay Mania Trophy
- Original Phil, Cozee and DotPeach framed and signed artwork from Lyndon Gregorio
- a tarpaulin copy of the winning banner
- goody bag (includes Beerkada merchandise)

Second Place winner:
- Original Phil, Cozee and DotPeach framed and signed artwork from Lyndon Gregorio
- a tarpaulin copy of the winning banner
- goody bag (includes Beerkada merchandise)

Third Place winner
- Original Phil, Cozee and DotPeach framed and signed artwork from Lyndon Gregorio
- a tarpaulin copy of the winning banner
- goody bag from sponsors

Deadline is on September 5, so hurry up and get drawing! For all the info, details and mechanics, visit the official Cosplay Mania site here.

I'm inclined to join, but I'm disqualified!:lol:


The con was very... entertaining. Had the chance to judge a cosplay competition again with :iconpolidread:(thanks for the cd man!), saw a lot of old friends and made chika, and even got to shamelessly dance/flaunt my age when Nexus performed. :lmao: (hope not many people saw that)
Thanks again to :icondameat: for adopting me in their booth, Congrats on being a hit again, I heard ya guys sold a lot of stuff;P

Pics with stupid captions here!
On another important note, :iconwarse-no-miko: and her folks need to find a new place to stay as soon as possible, so I'm appealing to y'all to please help us look for a place preferably somewhere in the Quezon City area. Please visit her journal here for the details. Any little help is greatly appreciated(and I'll :heart: you to bits)
YaY! I'm still alive! :XD: Despite being holed up here with work, I really should go out and expose myself more often... so there... :lmao:
I'll probably be hanging around the :icondameat: booth and there's supposed to be an artists signing booth so if you want quickies go visit it, too.  I will also be one of the judges for the cosplay competition on Sunday =) So see y'all this weekend! :wave::wave::wave:

Please visit their official site and their dA page here for all the info!

Program of Activities
August 8, 2009 - Saturday

10:00AM – Ribbon Cutting

11:00AM – Band Performance – Matilda

12:00PM – Suspended Animation Media

Get to know the people behind the SAM (Suspended Animation Media), Yuri Timg, Abet Ongkingco and Lali Saulo-Ongkingco as they explain how your concepts can come to life.

1:00PM – Creativoices Panel

What would you do, if you find out that you're actually "talking" to Naruto? Meet the voices behind your favorite anime shows and learn more about the art of voice acting, hosted by the Voice Master, Pocholo Gonzales!

2:00PM – Pinoy Toy Kolektors: Show me your desk Awarding

2:30PM – Craze Cospray product launch

A new product promoted by that will dye your hair with different colors. NOTE: It's washable!

3:00PM – Band Performance – Gupit Binata X

4:00PM – Indie Film Panel – Alessandro Productions

Learn the secrets of Indie Film making and see how Filipino Indie Films made it in the international scene hosted by Film maker, Paolo Herras, of Alessandro Productions.

5:00PM – Indie Comic Panel

Bakemono High. Bayan Knights. Maskarado. Sanduguan. Trese. Unstoppable. YOUR OWN INDIE TITLE COULD BE NEXT! Visit the Indie Comic Panel and know more about indie-making from Gilbert Monsanto, Budjette Tan, and friends!

6:00PM - Pinoy Mainstream Artists Panel

Meet some of the country's internationally-acclaimed comic book artists! Listen and learn how they made it in the industry. Get the chance to ask them questions about anything under the sun. Featuring Carlo Pagulayan, Harvey Tolibao, Jay David Ramos, Ernest Jocson, Stephen Segovia and Mico Suayan.

7:00PM – Band Performance – Giniling Festival

*Other Activities

Costrip Day – booth

Are you shy to stand up on stage but has the guts to wear your favorite anime, mecha and pinoy superhero? Then be what ever you wanna be and join the “Unleash the Hero within Costrip day.”

Toy Customization Contest – booth

Attention toy customizers everywhere! Get a chance to win exciting prizes at the MCC Toy Customization Contest! Just bring your customized toy and register at the booth. One toy per registrant only. Sponsored by Magnavision and Otakuzine.

August 9, 2009 – Sunday

10:00AM – Opening

11:00AM – Band Performance – Los Chupacabras

12:00PM – International Game Developers Association – Manila Chapter

IGDA will be sharing their knowledge and will have a panel discussion regarding game development and the gaming industry.

1:00PM – Creativoices Voice acting contest

You think you could scare EUGENE as the voice of the dreaded TAGURO? Or make MIYAKA fall in love with you as TAMAHOME? Join the voice acting contest and find out! Awesome prizes await THE NEXT VOICE ACTING STAR!

2:00PM – E-games

What's new with the world of online gaming? Join E-Games as they present their latest online game in town. There will be demos, promotions and other exciting stuff!

3:00PM – Band Performance – Gorgoro

4:00PM – Animax Cosplay Competition

Talented cosplayers will take part and showcase their live performances as ANIMAX gives you “Animax Cosplay Star” and be the next Cosplay Idol.

7:00pm – Band Performance – Nexxus

*Other Activities
Comics Creation 101 – Conference Room SM Megatrade Hall.
(to join, tickets worth Php400 are available at Comic Odyssey Galleria or you can buy them on Saturday at the Information Booth. You can also reserve your tickets by sending your email to

Learn how to draw, ink, color and build up your portfolio and get a chance to have your art critiqued by some of the country’s best comic book artists!
Edit: Osias Addison Sengco put up a good fight but it seems fate has decided that he has had enough- he passed away early this morning.

I am now feeling both sad and happy. Sad that someone as young as him(he's barely 30) should go, but also happy that he ain't suffering anymore and I had at least got to see him one last time.  Kung nasaan ka man Ade, mami-miss ka namin.

But I'm not gonna finish this story yet, y'all know I don't like sad endings. Life is a cycle, sometimes we mourn and sometimes we celebrate. And where there is death, there is also life. And here it's in the form of my college bud Gio's first born! ^___^

Say hello to Baby Zee! (Hay Beybi Zee!) Congrats, Gio and Dompy! =)



I guess y'all have heard by now that Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett passed away today, it's all over the news. I'm also a fan of The Gloved One, his music is one of the rare things that me and my siblings all like. And even with his death he still managed to take the world by storm!

But I'm here to pay final respects to other people closer to home who have also passed away. Eduardo Ching, father of my high school classmate Michael also passed away this morning. I was able to meet and talk to him once when I visited them in Solis shortly after graduation, I am now actually glad that I had that chance because at least I got to know him even for a fleeting moment.

I also just heard news of the death of fellow cosplayer Ronald Kenneth Bercasio Labadlabad due to meningitis, Known in the forums as Zengar and best remembered for bringing to life Viewtiful Joe. Although I don't know him personally, his very animated and lively portrayal of the character was unforgettable.  May all their souls rest in peace. ^^

And finally, my grandfather Lolo Tiboy had also passed away early this month in the age of 93. You may remember me giving him this for his 91st birthday. But we all were emotionally prepared for his death, he has lived a veeery long, fruitful, happy life and we have accepted that it really was his time. =)

Also, my college classmate Addison is currently fighting for his life in intensive care against pancreatitis. I visited him at the PGH this afternoon and found him comatose, I was shocked to find out he was suffering from the illness for two months now. We were just chatting online early this year and never realized he was sick. Although we aren't in the same barkada, he's one of the smart, silent types but very much game when it came to drinking and having fun. Plus he's a bigger comic book geek than I am-and I work in the biz!:XD:  

It was a very weird feeling being there in the ICU looking at him connected to four machines with all those tubes and blinking displays and their beeping noises. I happen to HATE hospitals despite being in and out of one for most of my childhood. It wasn't dread or fear but I can't really explain it. Maybe because I also know how it feels to be plugged into those tubes, being drained and supplied with fluids, being delirious due to the morphine, demerol and other funky stuff.  Maybe that's what I looked like after heart surgery. I remember the voices of the nurses and the anesthesiologist(funny that I recognized her voice) calling my name trying to wake me up after unplugging me, but I still felt very comfy and sleepy I was like "uhuh, uhuh...*BLAG* zzzzz" and they'd go "Wilsoooon...Wilson*snap!SNAP!*...WILSON!"  but I'd still go "ano ba tulog pa ako e!*BLAG*ZZZZZZZZZ"
I just hope and pray that he wakes up and lives on to pick up and read another comic book like I did. ^_^

Call me weird but for some reason, I don't like crying and I also don't like seeing other people cry when someone dies or during a funeral. When my grandpa on my father's side died, it was required for all his male sons to cry during the burial. I wasn't that close to him, but I didn't dislike him either, but I didn't cry. BUT,  I do remember failing to hold back my tears the first time I saw Optimus Prime die in Transformers: The Movie. Does that confirm how a big, sorry geek I am?

Okay, too long, too depressing. Sorry for that, not really my thing to do but it's good to able to talk about such a topic. I've heard somewhere that those who have died are not dead, they have just moved on. And they may be singing something like this. =)

Toycon has been a sort of tradition for most people(well, for the otakus at least) and this year even had surprises!
Like seeing :iconbehindinfinity: and her friends again as the cast of Rorouni Kenshin, the return of :icondelurianne: as Motoko Kusanagi, and meeting uber geek and film director Quark Henares in the flesh!=D

Thanks to everyone who visited our booths and it was nice to see and chat with old friends again=) And I gotta admit, seeing people like Jin and JM makes me forget all the dramu and hullabaloo and loud people in the local cosplay community. These guys just remind us what this little hobby of ours is really all about. ^___^

And I shall stop being too serious and post the links to my pics already!:XD:
Pics from Saturday
Pics from Sunday
Till next time!:wave::wave::wave: